Welcome to my footage page. Here you can find a selection of videos ive previously worked on, with the added bonus of learning some additional information or context for each scene. There will also be some videos added on here that are unavailable on youtube or elsewhere. These will all be for professional/commissioned work so for all other videos such as my self-filmed monologues visit my youtube channel.

This video is of my first showreel I put together. It includes shortened scenes from my time at "Actors Studio" , which are "Silver Linings Playbook:re-creation"and "The break up"; Both of these were directed by one of the eastenders directors Steve Finn. Next is my "not a game for boys monologue" and finally "doctors". These were directed by Sarah Hannah, who is also an actor herself.

This video is a short film directed by Hannah Drimer during her time at bornemouth university. I play the role of Luke who is home alone, when strange things start happening, and begins to slowly get creeped out. This was a lot of fun to make and be a part of. There is more than a few clever camera angles here.

This video is a short re-creation from the film "Silver Linings Playbook" starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. I play Bradley's character 'pat', however unlike the film where pat has bipolar, I decided to play him as a bit of a pervy character, where you can almost see him imagining or fantasising about the situation.

This video is of one of my earliest learnt monologues. It is taken from the play "Not a game for boys" by Simon Block where I play 'Oscar'. It is taken from a scene where his long time friend has started to suggest that Oscar has got the easy life, and wishes he was him.

This video is the first ever scene I was filmed in since deciding to become an actor. The scene is from an old episode of "Doctors" where I play the part of 'Rana' from the script. It involves Rana and Mac having a discussion, following an argument they had previously over the best course of action for a patient, who ultimately dies due to mac's desicion.