Acting. The idea of understanding and developing a character, putting yourself in unfamiliar, unusual and exciting scenarios developing new skills, getting the chance to meet people and travel to new places, and creating experiences that people can engage, enjoy and become engrossed in. These are a few of the reasons why I enjoy working as an actor.

I have always enjoyed being creative, and using my imagination to achieve something a bit different, in many scenarios in life so far. The feeling of performing to an audience and in turn enjoying themselves is infectious, and something I must have felt early on in school plays and choirs. It was only when I began studying music and performing small gigs during college that I had this realisation; that this was something "I wanted to do in life".

Acting was something that was always on my mind even as I went down the music route. I love films and TV and the process of making them but they always seemed more of a dream rather than a realistic goal to aim for. It was in late 2015 that I had a "why not" moment to aim to do something I loved, a goal to aim for in life. It was then I decided to Start my training at Pinewood studios 'actors Studio' beginners course, and since then have enjoyed every moment.